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Kaleido for Windows Mobile®. Cutting-edge user experiences

The Kaleido UI solution is used as a front end for Windows Mobile® devices to create cutting edge user experiences.

More and more manufacturers feel the need to add a dedicated user interface layer on top of their Windows Mobile® devices, either to create a differentiating user experience, or to expand and facilitate the usage of the Windows Mobile® applications framework.

This, however, requires manufacturers to undertake costly and lengthy work to create optimal front end experiences in terms of quality or performance.

Digital Airways proposes a turnkey front end that gives handset manufacturers instant availability of a full UI meeting the highest industry standards - feature-rich, multi-touch, 3D, animations, visual effects, etc. and yet totally customizable.

Kaleido for Windows Mobile® is also a powerful opportunity for operators to create home pages bringing innovating user experiences and services on existing mobile handsets.


The Kaleido-based front end constitutes a fully ported solution for Windows Mobile® 6 developers and customers, allowing a drastic reduction of time to market.

Highlights of the Kaleido front end for Windows Mobile®

  • A cutting-edge user experience to the Windows Mobile® platform
  • A unified base for further customisation
  • A set of applications fully connected to the Windows Mobile® framework
  • Ability to expand and create new applications
  • Able to easily leverage platform resources (3D, multi touch…)
  • Rapidly portable across other environments


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