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Helping manufacturers create and implement cutting-edge user interfaces faster, cost-effectively, on any device.

In mobile phones, portable media players, digital picture frames, and set-top boxes. In car infotainment systems, process control equipement, payment terminals and industrial embedded systems. Wherever devices need to interact with a user, Digital Airways is there, helping manufacturers make differentiated, easy to use, yet profitable devices by focusing on user interface software. 

Digital Airways combines its leading edge UI technology, its dedicated products and its 10-year expertise in assisting its customers in mission critical projects, to deliver cutting edge, cost effective and specific UI solutions to each key segment of the embedded industry.

Digital Airways offers user interface solutions for the following segments:

  • Mobile telephony: solutions for handset manufacturers, platform and chipset vendors, wireless operators, as well as mobile software vendors including dedicated software reference designs and customizable applications.
  • Consumer electronics: solutions for portable media players, digital picture frames, and set-top boxes manufacturers.
  • Industrial embedded systems: process control equipement, payment systems, infotainment.


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