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Digital Airways actively partners with specialized software components vendors, hardware platform providers, as well as designers and usability experts to create global solutions aimed at reducing time to market for new devices. Partnerships cover work on mobile telephony, Mobile Internet Devices (MID), digital picture frames (DPF) and other embedded devices.

Here are the areas where Digital Airways already has partnerships. All the mentioned areas correspond to at least one, but often more, actual integration work performed successfully.

  • Browsers
  • SVG player
  • Flash player
  • MMS client
  • IM client
  • 3D engines / OpenGL ES
  • Embedded database engine
  • Predictive text engine
  • Non-latin scripting systems
  • Telephony API
  • Stack
  • Multimedia player
  • Secured transaction / DRM
  • SIM card advanced applications
  • NFC
  • Over-the-Air UI download and update 

More component partners are added continuously. If you are a component vendor, please contact us.

Publicly announced partnerships

Active partnerships and/or memberships of partners programs have been publicly announced with the following companies:


Digital Airways partners with leading user centric design company Idean, bringing to life the Hyperion touch user interface on Android using the Kaleido UI solution.

See the IDEAN site HERE

See the Hyperion UI concept page HERE


nCore, Ltd., specializes in the development of embedded localization and user interface software. The company’s main product is nScript - a multilingual rendering engine and rich text editor. nScript provides advanced rendering capabilities for complex scripts and bidirectional languages on text-enabled phones and mobile devices. With nScript technology, user interfaces and text editors can be localized for all major languages throughout South East Asia, the Middle East and India. Digital Airways and nCore have integrated nScript to Kaleido, Digital Airway’s UI solution, allowing for quick deployment of nScript on any Kaleido enabled platform.

See the nCore site HERE


ACCESS Connect Ecosystem (ACE) Partner Program is a global initiative created to expand mobile Linux market and help fuel growth of converged technologies and device markets. ACE brings together 45 companies in the telecommunication, consumer electronics and media industries to drive market leadership of converged solutions developed by ACCESS and its partners.

See the ACCESS site HERE


Pleyo is the developer of OWB, a WebKit®-based web browser designed for consumer electronic devices such as mobile phones, portable media players, Set Top Boxes and TV decoders, and any other consumer electronic product (GPS, home-gateways, Web-radios, PVR, DVD recorders, wireless devices etc.) Digital Airways and Pleyo have partnered to include OWB into the Kaleido Mobile User Experience solution. 

See the Pleyo site HERE


ArcSoft is a leading provider of innovative digital imaging technologies and multimedia solutions for mobile device manufacturers. Digital Airways has integrated ArcSoft’s multimedia player to the Kaleido solution.

See the ArcSoft site HERE


Yappa Corporation is a company specializing in graphics technologies and UI design. Yappa has an excellent team of UI design professionals along with engineers who can implement cutting-edge graphic interfaces. The company has offices in Tokyo, Paris, and San Diego along with a research and development center in Israel. Yappa is available to do UI design work and graphics implementation for clients worldwide. Digital Airways and Yappa work together to create amazing 3D user interfaces.

See the Yappa Corporation site HERE


Digital Airways partners with Trolltech (now part of Nokia) to offers Kaleido on Qt. Kaleido fully leverages the Qt application platform and user interface for Linux. Kaleido now allows Qt-based Linux devices to be customized and introduced in record time. 

See the Trolltech site HERE


Red Bend’s technology enables mobile phone manufacturers, operators and mobile application developers to create and manage software and firmware updates for mobile phone handsets and to deploy and install the updates over-the-air. Large handset manufacturers use Red Bend’s vCurrent® Mobile FOTA solution to quickly, cost effectively and reliably deliver compact firmware updates to mobile phones already in the hands of users.
Red Bend and Digital Airways have partnered to integrate Red Bend’s solution to allow for over-the-air reconfiguration of the user experience.

See the Red Bend site HERE


Zi provides customers with a full range of intuitive and easy to use software applications designed to simplify the way we enter data on communications devices, in 41 different language databases for use around the world. Digital Airways and Zi work to ensure easy integration of both companies’ respective products.

See the ZI site HERE


Communications Consultants Worldwide (CCww) is a leading independent supplier of software and services to GSM, GPRS, EDGE, UMTS & Multi-Mode handset makers and semiconductor companies. Digital Airways and CCww work to ensure easy integration of both companies’ respective products.

See the CCww site HERE


BitFlash, a division of Open Text Corporation, is the industry-recognized leader in implementing Mobile SVG -- an XML-based open standard for describing graphical content, endorsed by the W3C and 3GPP. Digital Airways and BitFlash work to ensure easy integration of both companies’ respective products. For more info: BitFlash

See the BitFlash site HERE


Taproot specializes in the design, implementation and lifecycle testing of software for the mobile phone marketplace. Digital Airways and Taproot work together to integrate their products.

See the Taproot site HERE


Wind River is the global leader in device software optimization (DSO). Wind River enables companies to develop, run and manage device software faster, better, more reliably and at lower cost. Wind River technology is currently deployed in more than 300 million devices worldwide by the industry’s most significant leaders. Digital Airways and Wind River are working together to integrate Kaleido, Digital Airway’s UI solution, onto Wind River’s platforms and to integrate the Kaleido IDE to Wind River’s Workbench development tools.

See the Wind River site HERE


Alloy is one of the most experienced communications product design consultancies in the world. Projects for world leading brands such as BT, HP and Thomson Grass Valley stand testament to our ability to deliver creatively to the highest performance standards. Digital Airways and Alloy partner to make Alloy’s innovative UI concepts a reality by implementing them using Digital Airways’ Kaleido mobile user interface solution.

See the Alloy site HERE


Jataayu Software is a leading provider of mobile handset and carrier VAS solutions in the areas of mobile messaging, browsing, synchronization and provisioning. Jataayu offers carrier-scale, proven VAS products such as IMPS, MMSC, WAP Gateway, SMS Gateway, SyncML servers for Mobile Operators. Jataayu’s VAS products are currently deployed at over 50 Carrier locations worldwide.
The handset products offered by Jataayu include WAP 2.0/HTML browsers, MMS clients, Sync Clients, IMPS Clients, Email, OTA and other applications that are based on open standards, are highly portable, interoperable and platform agnostic (Windows MobileOS, PalmOS, Symbian, J2ME, BREW and other native OS platforms). Its handset products are licensed to more than 20 customers, which includes leading device manufacturers, ODMs, suppliers of reference platforms for the present and next generation devices.
Digital Airways and Jataayu work together to ensure easy integration of their products.

See the Jataayu site HERE


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