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Linux platform
Linux Platform

The Kaleido UI solution has already been ported on a number of Linux distributions and application frameworks.

Kaleido provides any Linux platform with a complete and fully-customizable user experience layer.

Kaleido is compatible with regular Linux frameworks and major industry consortium specifications.

Benefits of Kaleido for Linux

  • Flexibility: Make Linux easily customizable for manufacturers and operators
  • Performance: Kaleido apps significantly faster and resource-light than GTK apps
  • Reach: Extend Linux’s target market to the low/mid-range phones
  • Standards-compliance: Can coexist and use Linux standards such as GTK
  • Leverage of all existing Linux middleware and assets
  • Time to market: Kaleido is a full turnkey solution
  • Dramatically accelerate customization and application development

 Kaleido can be used for Linux feature phones, smartphones and mobile Internet devices (MID).

Kaleido on the Openmoko® Neo™. A dramatic improvement on performance compared to GTK-based application development.

Kaleido Phone Library on the Qtopia® Greenphone™.

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