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Kaleido Phone Library

The Feature-rich User Interface Reference Design to Create Customized Handsets in Record Time

Kaleido Phone Library (KPL) is a full turnkey user interface for mobile phone. It comprizes four components:

  • The main UI framework including generic functions for the management of screens, indicators, access to storage system, events, and language preferences;
  • A series of applications, such as idle screen, main menu, phone book, call manager, network management, settings, etc;
  • A package of ready-to-use native functions, such as dynamic menu management, list processing, event management, graphic effects, and input methods.
  • The UI for a series of third-party components, such as browser, MMS, IM, predictive text engine, etc. Digital Airways works with a growing number of vendors to add new components: see our Partners page.

KPL is delivered as customizable modules, which enables manufacturers and ODMs to select the best applications and technologies, and assemble them into a coherent software platform while maintaining complete control over branding and user interface design.

A full turnkey solution to create feature phones, KPL is available on a number of operating systems and platforms, such as Nucleus and Linux. It runs on all the main vendors’ chipsets.

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