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Kaleido IDE

The complete solution to create, adapt and manage cutting-edge user experiences for mobile phones and embedded devices.

From the creation and edition of the user experience design up to the production of a flashable file for the target device, Kaleido IDE (KIDE) is an Integrated Development Environment (SDK) that provides all the tools necessary to create an embedded user experience, within one single environment, including:

  • A visual authoring tool;
  • A complete development environment (SDK);
  • A UI Simulator;
  • An interactive documentation browser;
  • Other productivity components such as high-level debugger, performance monitoring, etc.

Kaleido IDE automatically produces a flashable UI by automating all the operations needed to go from a working UI project to an executable file for the target device.

Kaleido IDE is based on Eclipse™, the widely used open source development framework.


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