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 Leading edge user experiences on Android

You've chosen Android for your platform? Great! Now how do you differentiate?

With Android, manufacturers and operators finally have a mobile framework which is complete, performing and open source.

For all actors embracing the Android™ platform, however, the ability to individualize through innovative and distinctive user experiences remains challenging: Tools provided by Android still require laborious and costly efforts to create a user experience that is up to the industry's highest standards.

With Kaleido for Android™, such user experience is available now. Based on its widely deployed Kaleido technology, it takes full advantage of the Android framework to offer a sophisticated user experience based on rich content, multi-touch, widgets, 3D, sophisticated animations and visual effects.

Thanks to Kaleido IDE, Digital Airways' powerful development environment, Kaleido provides a single code base upon which new sophisticated user experiences can be created and customized with reduced programming, enabling shorter time to market and cost efficiency.


Kaleido touch : advanced user interface for Android


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