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3D User Interface
 3D user interface

Building on the Kaleido UI software solution, Kaleido 3D allows 2G and 3G handsets manufacturers to create full 3D user interfaces quickly and cost effectively.

As the undeniable trend for advanced graphics in mobile user experience takes hold, handset makers seek efficient UI solutions to compete in the high-end mobile handset game. Creating 3D user interfaces with traditional programming solutions, however, is technically difficult. The unique benefit of Kaleido 3D is to extend Kaleido’s recognized ease of creating 2D user experiences to the 3D world.

Taking advantage of the OpenGL-ES standard, Kaleido 3D responds to handset manufacturers’ challenges in developing sophisticated 3D graphics for user interfaces and product positioning by providing a multi-platform UI framework and a library of pre-integrated customizable functions all aimed at simplifying the creation of such UIs. These functions can be used as is, or rapidly extended to create any sort of innovative animation. The solution takes full advantage of platform resources such as graphic accelerator, 2D/3D engines, as well as image codecs.

Kaleido 3D completes and extends Kaleido Animator, introduced by Digital Airways earlier this year. Together, they facilitate the creation of

  • animated backgrounds,
  • 3D moving objects (buttons, indicators, etc.),
  • splash screens and wizards (help, notification of events),
  • dynamic menus,
  • transition between contexts (sliding, in and out fading, torsion...),
  • management of layers (alpha blending),
  • and more...

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